Miracles’ Greatest Enemy

By: Body Pure Chiropractic

Life itself is a miracle.  It affects us the way other things can’t – a warm puppy, a newborn baby, a miraculous recovery.  The joy of something wonderful occurring that brings new hope and optimism to life.  

A key aspect of a miracle is that it is beyond our control.  Something that we were not consciously responsible for heightens the power of something sudden, wonderful and unexpected.  

That’s why healing and recovery so often fit the miracle mode.  Because no matter what we can do to assist and facilitate healing, it is always something that comes from within us but is outside of our control.  It happens spontaneously without our own conscious effort.  

And that’s where the enemy can come from.  Entitlement.

That we think we are entitled to heal and get better simply because that is what our bodies do. That they are by their nature constantly self-healing and self-repairing.  

The idea of overtime doesn’t even exist when it comes to healing.  It is on all of the time.  So why is there still so much sickness and breakdown?  Here is one way this system breaks down…

What does human nature tend to do when we have something given to us automatically?  That’s right, we take it for granted.  Or even take advantage of it.

Of course, we don’t do it all the time.  But just that it is so easy to do.  Life is filled with choices about what to do.  And if one of those choices can get done without us needing to accommodate for it?  All the easier to focus somewhere else.

And that’s how our human nature can become our own miracle’s greatest enemy.  

By simply taking them for granted.  By taking the constant relentless healing energy of our body and becoming entitled about it.  And that happens in two ways.  By being unrealistic about how much – and how many different kinds of stresses placed on it – and also by not giving it what it needs to be in position to heal powerfully.

We can be smart about it and maximize the healing energy we have.  And also, be strategic about how much stress we create.  You know, the kinds of stresses and strains that add up over time, leaving a constant demand on your body’s repair systems.  Seeing that makes it easy to choose to health care that can dig up some lost miracles – i.e., more of what your body wants to do already – heal.